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Certificates of Deposit and CDARS

Get FDIC Insurance on balances in the multi-millions.

Using the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® (CDARS®), we can allow investors to deposit funds over $250,000 and still be eligible for the security of FDIC insurance on every dollar. Your money is placed into CDs with denominations under $250,000, which are issued by other banks. You can identify banks where you do not wish your funds to be placed, and you can review a list of banks where CDARS proposes to place your deposits. This allows you to fully insure your entire deposit, in the multi- millions.

  • CD-level Rates. Your deposits earn CD-level returns, which may compare favorably to those associated with other investment alternatives.
  • Safety. Your deposits are eligible in the multi-million dollar range in FDIC insurance coverage.
  • Convenience. By working with our bank, you earn one interest rate and receive one regular statement. You never have to track interest disbursements from various sources or manually consolidate account statements.
  • Privacy. Your CDs with other banks are identified only by a tracking number and your personal information is protected.
  • Community Investment. Your deposits can support lending opportunities that foster a stronger community.

Whether you are a private investor, corporation, small business, non-profit organization or a public sector group, you can take advantage of this unique service. For more information, contact Beverly Russell at 575-769-1911 Ext. 126.

CDARS and the Certified Deposit Account Registry Service are service marks of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

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